Hello, everyone!

Thanks to all of you that have been reading The Complete Story of Sadako Sasaki with your students. I’ve been attending quite a few school events in the past few months, talking about Sadako. Many students have questions for her brother, Masahiro.

Just yesterday I had the opportunity to ask Masahiro if he would be willing to answer these questions himself. I’m excited to let you know he is looking forward to connecting with all of you. It is a bit complicated because Masahiro only speaks Japanese. Here’s how we are going to make it happen:

1. Anyone is welcome to submit questions.
2. If you are able, please send a video of your questions. We will answer all written questions as well if a video is not possible.
3. Please state your name, school, location, age, and whatever other info you think important for Masahiro and the world to know on the video on with your written question.
4. Written questions may be submitted to hello@peacecraneproject.org.
5. Video recorded questions should be uploaded under the “Share Your Experiences” tab on our website. You can find this tab under the login/sign up menu.
6. All answers will begin to appear at sadakosasaki.com soon as a written Q&A. We’ll be filming his answers on video later this year.

Thanks for submitting questions for Masahiro!

And thanks to the wonderful students of Ohio for the warm welcome this week. Here are a few photos of the many events.

These students and others in the Tiffin-Seneca area of Ohio will be exchanging cranes with other students in Egypt, India, and Cameroon!
Seneca, Ohio Opportunity Center students read Sadako. Thanks for inviting us to your beautiful school!

Are you ready to connect with students all over the world? Here are some helpful hints for your Peace Crane Project experience.

  1. Make sure you’ve signed up! Please note you can now edit your own listing and come and go from the exchange list as you like.
  2. Check with your local post office to learn about any restrictions in shipping to the country or countries of your choice, and also explore shipping times and costs. Some countries allow only letters, no artwork. Other places in the world might have very slow delivery speeds. These things may impact your exchange, or help you decide to exchange via email only.
  3. Send pen-pal letters with your cranes! Tell your exchange partners about your country and your lives. Include postcards, small trinkets, or special mementos from your city in the package you send. What would you like to know about the lives of your exchange partners? Start a dialogue. Ask questions. Send a video about your school via the Internet. If time zones allow, try connecting via Skype or another video conferencing service.
  4. Log into your account on our website. Choose “Share Your Experience” to upload photos and receive a Certificate of Participation in return. (Certificates coming soon.)
  5. Send out a press release to your local media outlets. Let them know about your experience! We have a press release template! Request it here.

Thanks to our friends at GoDaddy, we’ve moved to a larger and faster server. Your password may not have survived the journey. If you cannot log in, please try resetting your password. If that does not work, reply to this newsletter or send me an email at hello@peacecraneproject.org. I will help.

We are updating many links since the big upgrade. Thanks for your patience. Please send me an email if you need a download you are unable to currently access.

We do our best to assure you have a safe and successful exchange. Letters and cranes arriving directly to your group should be reviewed before dispersing to your students. Please report any participant that does not respond to your exchange request. We will remove them from the exchange list.

Happy folding,