Guides and Activities

On this page you will find resources to support your study of Sadako’s life.

Included are specially made classroom resources as well as multilingual folding guides, videos and more.

Classroom Resources

Classroom quesitons

Get Students Actively Thinking About Peace

With the Peace Crane Peace Pledge

Reinforce Learning

With the Sadako Wordsearch

Sadako spent many hours writing to penpals, all around Japan. Your students can connect with penpal letters all around the world, through the Peace Crane Project. Sign up to connect with other schools and community groups. You may write letters, exchange cranes, and connect in a mutual vision of peace in our homes, communities, countires, and world.

Penpal Letter (Make your own or print and use this one as a guide.)

Folding Guides

Sadako folded the classic origami crane. Because there was a paper shortage in Japan after the war, she folded every crane with paper no bigger than about 3″ (around 8 cm) square! Give your students an extra challenge by offering tiny squares of paper. For an easier project, consider folding doves or hearts. For some added fun, we’ve included a flapping wing crane instruction guide as well.

Teach The Art Of Origami Folding

With Our Peace Crane Folding Guides

Mastered Peace Crane Folding?

Why Not Move On To Doves!

Can You Fold An Origami Heart?

Learn How With Our Heart Folding Guide!

Can’t Get Enough Origami?

Your Students Will Love This Flapping Wing Crane