In 2018, we held a tiny crane folding contest to celebrate the launch of “The Complete Story of Sadako Sasaki.” After WWII, paper was in short supply in Japan. In order to assure she had enough paper to fold the 1,000 cranes required to make her wish come true, Sadako never used a piece of paper bigger than 3” square. And some cranes she folded were no bigger than a grain of rice! We decided to challenge our participants in a tiny crane folding contest and WOW were we surprised by the many, many tiny cranes that arrived here. Thanks to everyone that participated. Maybe we’ll do it again sometime. Meanwhile…

Here are the Winners!
Robbie Fernandez and Zachary Green, Ms. Krudzlo’s Class at DeMasi Elementary School in New Jersey USA
Aaron, Maya’s class in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Isabella Delany Scheirer, Ms.Kleppinger’s Art Class at Ritter Elementary School in Pennsylvania USA
and our Runner Ups:
Donald Rothman, Alaska USA
Nathan Goucher, Ms. Z’s Class in South Carolina USA
Kristin Poole, Texas USA
Ms. Avery’s Class at Long River Middle School in Connecticut USA

Second place winner, Kaohsiung, Taiwan